HOW TO PLAY HALFBALL (and Stickball)

The halfball is thrown sidearm to the batter who tries to make contact. The hitter hits to designated areas already marked single, double, triple, home run. There are no bases. Swing and miss, you are out. Catch the halfball off the wall or house you are out. The triple-decker or schoolyard wall were first choices.

Stickball is quite different than halfball. Stickball is played up the street, whereas halfball was played across the street. In stickball a hit past three sewers was a home run.

No matter where you played, stickball was fun because you adapted the rules to your neighborhood. The game is still fun today because of the way the ball twists and turns, making anyone a world-class pitcher, and challenging the best of batters. Get a halfball set today and see why this game is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity! Also makes a great gift for those baseball fans who yearn for the days of yesteryear.