If you lived in and around a major city in the 1950's and 1960's you probably played halfball all day long. In fact you probably thought you invented halfball.

Halfball began when a group of kids were playing a stickball game and the white pimple ball split in half. Having no money for a new ball, the boys started throwing the ball at each other. All of a sudden one of the halfballs began to float toward the batter like a flying saucer. Legend has it that the batter doubled off a triple decker. Halfball was born.

Not only from school walls to triple deckers, from Dorchester to Roslindale, and all the way to the Cape, the game still flourishes today in cities and neighborhoods across the country, and in the memories of those of us who don't swing so hard anymore.

Today's kids are discovering halfball. (They benefit from finding a new game away from the computer, and away from having nothing better to do.)

And Adults are rediscovering halfball, and what a great gift the bats, halfballs, and apparel make for family and friends.

Halfball could be played anywhere.This picture was taken in the 60s.

Get those razor blades ready to cut the pimple balls.  thanks johnny k